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The COVID-19 Pandemic and its adverse effect on the lives of our most vulnerable here in Hawaii.

This invisible enemy we called COVID-19 has adversely impacted the lives of many, especially our most vulnerable elderly population.  While countless deaths are everywhere as a direct result of this dreaded virus, us here in Hawaii are so fortunate to witness low incidents of COVID-19 related deaths.  Kudos go out to all our State leaders who in partnership with our Healthcare Officials and in tandem with all our frontline healthcare workers, were able to keep the loss of lives to a minimum.  They took immediate action by pro-actively sending information on preventive measures regarding COVID-19 out to the community and tirelessly assisting those that are infected.  Self- Quarantine, Social Distancing, Lockdowns appear to be the newly adopted norm.

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Obviously, we cannot overstate the immediate and repercussive impact this pandemic have caused or will cause.  The Loss of Lives, the Economic Turmoil, The Unemployment Debacle and so many other negative trickle down effects has cause so many of us to be at a state of panic  and uncertainty of which we are going to see ourselves grappling with for a while longer.  Here in our isolated distant State of Hawaii, we as the inhabitants of this awesome island paradise are blessed in a sense that this pandemic could have been worst.

It is evident though that our seniors have been more affected by this pandemic due to their physical nature which make them more susceptible and vulnerable to the virus. To add insult to the injury, their physical, emotional, and social well-being have also been lessened and not to mention the challenges of limited service provisions by homecare workers which is in direct link to the current climate.  As a Home Care Service Provider Agency, we see ourselves at the most vulnerable state of operation with having to contain staffing challenges. Despite the obvious circumstances we are under, we still manage to keep most of our clients taken care of.

In spite of the fact that some of our elderly clients were able to continue receiving their normal service, this lingering pandemic have created a lot of anxiety due to  the uncertainties they are experiencing, not to mention the heighten level of isolation generated by the lockdowns and social-distancing.  The concerns and fears that most of our clients are experiencing is the fact that they are relying on someone outside of their home to take care of them and to assist them with their basic activities of daily living and the fact that they may contract the virus this way.

As the frontline service providers to our clients, it is incumbent upon us to ensure that those with whom we are privilege to serve are taken care of especially in this unprecedented time. It is important to keep them engaged with by having stimulating conversations in an effort to combating loneliness and if at all possible, connect them via social media with distant relatives and friends. Any act of kindness extended to our most vulnerable citizens is very commendable and we aim to doing our part in lessening the impact.

The pandemic has drastically changed the lifestyle that most of our clients use to enjoy, such as going to community events which drew them out of their normal spheres to interact with others on a social level.  Now, this is no longer happening, and isolation can start creeping in exacerbated with pre-existing health conditions not to mention their physical, emotional and mental wellbeing.

As a community, it is our fervent duty to ensure that we collectively do our part to help keep our elderly safe both mentally and physically by engaging with them while exercising safety measures.

Our dedicated and committed Home Care Aides are putting themselves at risk everyday to take care of you, our deserving seniors.

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