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Your trusted, local home care service provider.

senior woman and caregiverIn pursuit of excellence, MetroCare Hawaii – PLUS aims to become the leading home care services provider in Hawaii. We deliver our services with respect and professionalism.

With over eighteen (18) years of experience in the home care industry, we provide families with appropriate home care services that are essential for recovery and living a healthy lifestyle at home. We can easily empathize with your situation at home because caring is our passion, and we want to make it easy for you or your loved one to handle health challenges at home. Our services run from 3 hours to 24 hours daily.

With our professional caregiver present, getting the proper care is always at hand during emergencies and day to day living.

MetroCare Hawaii – PLUS will work with the member of your care team and will see to it that the care, treatment, and medication prescribed are administered properly. When it comes to your health, we understand the risks and our aim is to lessen, if not eliminate, those risks while maintaining your comfort and well-being at home.

What Sets Us Apart?

Responsive Management. As a locally owned and operated Home Care Agency, matters of importance are handled immediately and decisions are made with the sense of urgency. This means that if your need is urgent in nature, then we will be able to accommodate you without delay.

Knowledgeable Admin Support Staff. Our knowledgeable staff members are committed to providing you with the exceptional support you deserve. They are trained and equipped with the necessary information to better serve you.

24-Hour On-Call Service (No Answering Service). Our on-call Manager is available after regular office hours to take your calls and address your concerns, answer your questions, and respond to your urgent matters.

Weekly Calls. You will receive a call from our administrative office on a weekly basis. The reason for this call is to help us be proactive on issues that may arise during the provision of your care. This also provides an opportunity to discuss the client’s care.

Supervisory Visits. Scheduled supervisory visits to our clients are made by our RN. These visits allow us the opportunity to assure quality care is being provided.

Personal Introduction. When our caregiver is sent to your home for the first time, they will always be accompanied by one of our coordinators to be personally introduced to the client and/or family. The caregiver will be oriented with the home and the care plan, so they know exactly what is needed and expected.

Confidence Factors:

  • All our employees are comprehensively screened
  • We run a verification of prior employment references, experiences, and training
  • We run background checks
  • We provide worker’s compensation insurance
  • They all have access to professional supervision and verification of training
  • Confidentiality of services and Client Right are always observed
  • All our employees have to attend our mandatory in-service program to ensure that you continue to receive the care you deserve
  • Our employees are bonded and insured to assure your PEACE OF MIND!
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